“My experiences in the military and my service in the National Guard have made me a better songwriter and a more passionate performer. It is an honor to represent the National Guard as a Citizen Soldier.”

Darby Ledbetter joined the National Guard in 2000 after seven years of active duty service. Darby is a combat veteran who has completed four tours in Southwest Asia. During each of these tours and while stateside, Darby has found a way to boost the spirits of the troops through leading 
bands and performing his original songs at military functions.

During his tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Darby formed the 3 Rivers Band with fellow soldiers and soon found himself entertaining troops at local concerts in Iraq. When The Charlie Daniels Band performed on the USO Tour, Darby and his band members were chosen to share the stage with him. Charlie responded to the performance by presenting Darby with a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

As Darby has continued to travel and perform, his connection with military audiences has remained strong. Darby describes the National Guard as his family and when he’s on stage it’s evident that he takes pride in representing that family.

Darby’s songwriting efforts have placed him alongside some of Nashville’s finest songwriters who have penned songs for Aaron Tippin, George Strait, Kenny Chesney and Tracy Byrd. Darby is poised to take his place among the musicians and songwriters who have shaped the country music industry.